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Fall 2016 Psych-214 is class number 33732.

Class is 3 credits.

Venue and time


Changed venue and time

Class meets at 10 Giannini Hall, at 1 until 4pm.

See these directions to 10 Giannini Hall.

The original venue and time were 3201 Tolman Hall, from 1.30 until 4.30.


  • Matthew Brett (matthew dot brett on gmail);
  • JB Poline (jbpoline on gmail).


Please read the UCB academic polices on student conduct.


Each week, we will give you a selection of articles, chapters, tutorials and videos to study. You will usually need to know the study material for the exercises in the following class.

There will be four sets of graded homework. The sets of homework do not contribute equally to the 13% homework portion of your final grade – see the table below. The dates for setting / returning the homework are provisional, we may change them as the class develops.

Number Set on Due on % of overall grade
1 August 29 September 9 3
2 September 19 October 10 10

Please submit all homework by 17:00 on the due date.

Questions, discussion

Feel free to email your instructors, but prefer the PSYCH 214 Piazza site.

Office hours

Office hours are in 10 Giannini Hall on Fridays from 10 am to 11.30.

If you can’t make it then, please arrange another time with your instructors.