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Project grading

To receive an “A” on this assignment you will need to have roughly eight check marks and three check pluses.

  ✓- ✓+
Questions Questions overly simplistic, unrelated, or unmotivated Questions appropriate, coherent, and motivated Questions well motivated, interesting, insightful, and novel
Analysis Choice of analysis is overly simplistic or incomplete Analysis appropriate Analysis appropriate, complete, advanced, and informative
Results Conclusions are missing, incorrect, or not based on analysis. Inappropriate choice of plots; poorly labeled plots; plots missing Conclusions relevant, but partially correct or partially complete. Plots convey information but lack context for interpretation Relevant conclusions explicitly tied to analysis and to context. Plots convey information correctly with adequate and appropriate reference information
Collaboration Only a few members contributed substantial effort or members each only worked on part of project All members contributed substantial effort and everyone contributed to all aspects of project All members contributed substantial effort to each project aspect
Tests Tests incomplete, incorrect, or missing Tests cover most of the project code Extensive and comprehensive testing
Code review Pull requests not adequately used, reviewed, or improved Pull requests adequately used, reviewed, and improved Code review substantial and extensive
Documentation Poorly documented Adequately documented Well documented
Readability Code readability inconsistent or poor Code readability consistent and good quality Code readability excellent
Organization Poorly organized and structured repository Reasonably organized and clear structure Elegant and transparent code organization
Presentation Verbal presentation is illogical, incorrect, or incoherent. Visual presentation is cluttered, disjoint, or illegible. Verbal and visual presentation unrelated Verbal presentation partially correct but incomplete or unconvincing. Visual presentation is readable and clear. Verbal and visual presentation related Verbal presentation is correct, complete, and convincing. Visual presentation is appealing, informative, and crisp. Verbal and visual presentation clearly related
Writing Explanation is illogical, incorrect, or incoherent Explanation is correct, complete, and convincing Explanation is correct, complete, convincing, and elegant
Reproduciblity Code didn’t run, or README recipe does not specify steps to reproduce results and figures in project report README recipe fetches data, validates fetched data, generates all results and figures in report README recipes additionally generate all EDA work and supplementary analysis. Recipes short, simple and well automated with few manual steps.

See also Participation – self evaluation.